We love what we do

We all have the choice of who to hang out with, what to spend our time on, and where to work. For most careers, those choices are independent of one another. At Real Leaf, we are continuously evolving by merging those choices into meaningful careers by building camaraderie around cannabis.

Family owned michigan grown

Space to grow

We are a grassroots caregiver turned cultivator that produces high-quality cannabis for a community of loyal provisioning centers throughout Michigan.

Enhancing the cannabis industry through exceptional products and environmental stewardship while providing space for meaningful career growth.

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Our goal is to normalize cannabis by breaking down stereotypes through our podcasts, community involvement, and education on the health effects of cannabinoids. We believe that it is a beneficial herb that should be accessible to all.

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How we began

Caregivers turned cultivators

Longstanding history of groundbreaking advocacy in the legalization of cannabis. Members of MiCIA which promotes sensible laws and regulations, ensures safe access to consumers, and provides front line industry information. Partners with Redemption, which works closely with lawmakers on criminal justice reform and social equity initiatives.


Tom and Krista Beller, the owners and operators of Real Leaf Solutions

Real Leaf Solutions is proudly owned and operated by Tom and Krista Beller. With caregiver roots, this power couple has contributed to pioneering Northern Michigan’s cannabis industry. Their hard work and dedication have helped normalize cannabis use and inspire others to learn the many benefits of this sacred plant.As stewards of the cannabis plant, their team has deep roots in harvesting high-quality herbs that bring their plants to life. Since 2009, they have successfully positioned themselves against goliath corporations by promoting family-owned local businesses.

“Building the plane while flying it. In an industry of space ships, we are the Millenium Falcon in an industry full of fancy spaceships”

Image of yeti smoking
Image of yeti smoking

our team


The catalyst that brings our plants to life, literally. A culture of dedicated employees who collectively contribute to providing some of Michigan’s finest grown cannabis.

From the forest

As the first MMFLA grower in Kalkaska, we opened our doors to work with our local municipalities.

We were well received. This symbiotic relationship has boosted the local economy by creating jobs, hiring local contractors, enhancing real estate development and value, and helping local businesses thrive.

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